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New York Museums Accused in Suit of Conspiring Against Artists


Artist Calls NY Museums’ Exhibits Anti-Competitive


Satirical Artist Sues Museums That Excluded Him for $100 Million

Laredo Morning Times Online

N.Y. museums accused in suit of conspiring against artists


‘Art Bastard’ Hits NYC Museums With $100M Antitrust Suit

Standard-Examiner Online

N.Y. museums accused in suit of conspiring against artists


Cornelia Street Café Partners with NY Artist Robert Cenedella to Host Exhibition & Launch Non-Profit


Cornelia Street Café Partners with Quintessential New York Artist Robert Cenedella to Host Exhibition of his Art Works to Launch a New Nonprofit

Times Square Chronicles Online

Famed Artist Robert Cenedella Shows at The Cornelia Street Café


Cornelia Street Café Partners with Quintessential New York Artist Robert Cenedella To Host Art Exhibition

Dayton City Paper Online

Naughty or Nice? Should someone be prohibited from displaying a painting of crucified Santa outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral whether it is Christmas or not?


"The Presence of Man" Back After 20 Year

Long Island Pulse Magazine Online

Artists Share Advice to Inspire You in 2018


Artwork showing Santa crucified sparks outrage in NYC


New York Museums Seek Dismissal of $100 Million Lawsuit

Fox News Online

Painting of crucified Santa Claus outside St. Patrick's Cathedral draws outrage


New York Museums Move to Dismiss Artist’s ‘Implausible’ Lawsuit That Claims the Art Industry Is Rigged


People Outraged As Painting Of Crucified Santa Is Displayed Outside St. Patrick's Cathedral


NYC Museums Hit Back At 'Art Bastard' Antitrust Suit


Artist Sues Five New York Museums for Manipulating the Contemporary Art Market


A painting portraying Santa Claus on the cross outrages churchgoers outside a historic cathedral

New York Daily News Online

City museums aim to dismiss conspiracy lawsuit by artist known for Santa crucifixion painting

RT Online

Painting of crucified Santa shocks New York holiday crowds


This Artist Is Suing New York’s Largest Museums for Excluding Him. Now, His Day in Court Has Arrived.


Artist’s $100 Million Lawsuit Is “Completely Baseless,” Says Lawyer for Five Top Museums


Cornelia Street Café: a NYC Landmark Every Bohemian Should Visit

TRT World

Cenedella's lawsuit against the art world


St. Pat’s Cathedral Getting The Painting of Crucified Santa

Le Monde Online

Robert Cenedella, l’artiste qui attaque en justice les plus grands musées new-yorkais


Painting of crucified Santa shocks New York holiday crowds


Contemporary artist alleges MoMA, other museums are engaged in conspiracy


Crucified Santa Painting To Hang In St. Patrick’s Cathedral


‘Art Bastard’ sues top galleries for ignoring him

New York Daily News Online

Man displays crucified Santa artwork outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral to protest commercialized Christmas

Art Review Online

Artist sues five major US museums for ‘market conspiracy’

New York Post Online

Painting of crucified Santa heading to St. Pat’s Cathedral


Is the Art World Rigged? One Artist Thinks So—and Is Suing New York’s Five Biggest Museums to Prove It


Crucified Santa Painting Pulled By NYC Gallery After Complaints


“The Presence of Man” Back After 20 Years

The Art Newspaper Online

‘Art Bastard’ Robert Cenedella sues New York’s biggest museums


"The Presence of Man" Back After 20 Years


US: ‘Art Bastard’ hits The Met and other museums with antitrust suit

New York Daily News Online

Controversial Santa painting is coming to town


Major Museums Face US$100 Million Suit For Not Featuring ‘Deserving’ Artists

Luxury Listings NYC

Provocative underground artist Robert Cenedella leaps into the political fray with new satirical works

New York Post Online

Artist accusing museums of conspiring to promote certain works


Satirical Political Art, Robert Cenedella


Insight into Artist Robert Cenedella and His Work – “Pence on Earth” and “Blind Trust” Unveiled!

Huffington Post

Controversial Artist Robert Cenedella turns heads with latest works “Fin Del Mundo” and “Pence on Earth”

The Ellsworth American

New York artist rediscovers island and his father


Renowned artist Robert Cenedella unveils his painting, “Fín del Mundo”


Painting of 'Devil' Donald Trump Getting Puked on Lands at Midtown Gallery


Renowned artist Robert Cenedella unveils latest work, 'Fin del Mundo' (End of the World) in New York City


Film Review: ‘Art Bastard’

The Hollywood Reporter

'Art Bastard,' Gets A Distributor, Premiere Date

The Washington Post

In ‘Art Bastard,’ painter Robert Cenedella is the titular you-know-what

We Are Movie Geeks

CAVU Pictures Releasing ART BASTARD On May 20, 2016 In New York

Huffington Post

ART BASTARD - Award Winning Documentary Film Spotlighting Artist ROBERT CENEDELLA


5 Questions, 10 Images: Robert Cenedella Is a True Life 'Art Bastard'

The New York Times

Review: ‘Art Bastard’ Depicts Robert Cenedella, a Rebel Artist


Exclusive Art Bastard clip premiere

Irish Film Critic

“Art Bastard” Is An Ode To The Silent Generation


Popcorn & Candy: Model Patient Edition

Thalo - Artist Community

Art Bastard & Cenedella

Special Not on the Menu

‘Art Bastard’ Visits Idyllwild


Get ready for a lollapalooza: Victor Kanefsky's look at Robert Cenedella in ART BASTARD


CAVU Pictures Sets Release Date for 'Art Bastard,' a Colorful Doc About Artist Robert Cenedella

New York Post

Meet the NYC artist who crucified Santa Claus

The Santa Fe New Mexican

SFFF: "Art Bastard"

Time Out

Art Bastard

Almanac Weekly

Popping Pop's bubble

Monsters & Critics

Robert Cenedella: The provocative anti-establishment outsider behind Art Bastard

Los Angeles Times

Documentary 'Art Bastard' demands attention for painter Robert Cenedella

New York Observer

Art Bastard: Robert Cenedella Has Never Been an Art World Darling, And That’s Fine

San Diego Reader

Art Bastard

Fox 5 San Diego

Art Bastard

Wolf Entertainment Guide

Art Bastard

Film Journal International

Film Review: Art Bastard


What is an Art Bastard?

The Wall Street Journal

Film Puts Robert Cenedella, Art-World Rebel, on New Canvas

Apple Trailers

Exclusive Art Bastard Featurette

The Hollywood Reporter

'Art Bastard': Film Review

The Playlist

Exclusive: Beethoven Beats Elvis In Clip From ‘Art Bastard’

True View Reviews

Review: Art Bastard

The Playlist

‘Art Bastard’ Is A Loving Tribute To The Rebellious Robert Cenedella


Art Bastard

Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Art Bastard

Movie Maker

All Due Respect: With Documentary Art Bastard, Robert Cenedella Hopes to Go Direct-to-Audience

San Diego Reader

Art Bastard’s Robert Cenedella talks with the Reader

Artnet News

10 Great Art Documentaries To Watch This Summer


Moş Crăciun, crucificat de un pictor american revoltat de mercantilismul din jurul sărbătorilor religioase

Proto Thema Online

Νέα Υόρκη: «Κρέμασε» τον Άγιο Βασίλη έξω από Ναό, προκαλώντας σοκ στους περαστικούς


Quadro com Pai Natal crucificado causa burburinho em Nova Iorque


Ηo-ho-horrifying: Κρεμασμένος... Άγιος Βασίλης έξω από ναό στις ΗΠΑ

The Gate

Review: ‘Art Bastard,’ a documentary by Victor Kanefsky

National Post

New York Artist Gets His 15 Minutes ... Times Six


Art Bastard

The Globe and Mail

Art Bastard is without high drama but compelling and playful in tone

Meta Critic

Art Bastard

Plaid Zebra

New film puts one of the most gritty, honest and controversial artists in the spotlight


Robert Cenedella on 'Art Bastard,' the art game, and the narrow-minded establishment

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